My experience with the cloud.

In an effort to catch up on a backlog of podcasts, I came across episode 318 of the javaposse podcast. The hosts discuss their experiences with cloud computing.

I have recently the chance to work with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). My experiences so far:

  • Easy to set up. Just have your credit card and you are ready to go.
  • Easy integration. I used the Amazon S3 SOAP API (the java sdk) and found no issues with the integration in my existing infrastructure.

Some gotchas I came across:

  • The Amazon Web console had required port 843;however I recently learnt that this is no longer a requirement
  • Amazon Web Services Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows you to create user identities and assign credentials to users under a singe Amazon Web Services account.IAM is in beta and can only be accessed by an API. There are plans to incorporate IAM within the web console.