IT infrastructure Architecture–book review

As I continue to traverse the IT Infrastructure, my constant companion has been Sjaak Laan’s IT Infrastructure Architecture. This book provide a high level description of the IT infrastructure landscape. There is no way you can become an IT infrastructure expertise with this book;however it provides you with a basic understanding of IT infrastructure.

The author presented an IT infrastructure model and then began to describe each of the infrastructure components. There were also chapters on availability, scalability and security.

The book was concise and easy to read and I highly recommended to anyone who is new to the IT infrastructure landscape.

In addition to the book, seek information from the Infrastructure subject mater experts (SMEs). They have wealth of knowledge and experience.


Blame the architecture or the service provider


The outage of Amazon cloud services asked the following question – Do you blame your service provider or do you blame the architecture you used to integrate with your service provider?

While other entities went offline due to the Amazon’s outage, Netflix remained online because they did not rely solely on Amazon. Redundancies were implemented with other Service providers in the case of an outage. One must remember that the cloud is another platform. Hence architecture principles applied within your organization should be applied to the cloud.

Availability, Security and other non-functional attributes need to be applied in the cloud. A single cloud provider will affect the availability of your application of that cloud provider fails. Failover is solved by the addition of another service provider. You may argue that this would be costly; however will not be costly to lose customers?