Improving architecture craftsmanship–Architectural Katas

How often do get to we  practice  being architects ? Most of the time we get to practice when on a project. Just like an athlete needs to practice prior to a big  event, architects should get chance  to practice being  architects. This is the premise for  Ted  Neward’s  Architectural Katas



Similar to Dave Thomas’ “Code Kata”,  Ted Neward has introduced the concept of  Architectural Katas – a method to improve architecture craftsmanship.  A description of the concept and rules for having a kata is described on Ted Neward’s website.  There  are katas on the website you can use to practice.

On the website  architecture katas are intended as a small group of 3-5 people. In my opinion  a group will have a mixture of the architecture disciplines – software,infrastructure,information,etc.


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