Google’s Chromecast

I was wrestling with the decision of whether to purchase an apple TV or a Roku box; however when I learnt about Google’s Chromecast, I was able to make a decision. I have since bought a Chromecast and although it is optimized for Netflix and Youtube, I see a lot of potential.


Included with my Chromecast purchase were:

  • An USB connector to power Chromecast. You have the option to power your Chrome cast on the USB port of your TV or plug it into your electrical outlet.
  • A HDMI extender, is to improve wireless connectivity. I must agree that this does work.


To set up Chromecast I went to a url provided on the Chromecast package. A PC (with at least windows 7) that was wirelessly connected to my your network was required . During the set up, my PC was temporarily disconnected from my network to connect to Chromecast. I received a DHCP error when my PC tried to connect to Chromecast; however Windows network troubleshooter was able to resolve the problem. Once my DHCP error was resolved I was able to complete the set up.

What works very well:

  • As I mentioned before Chromecast is optimize for Netflix and Youtube. I can cast Netflix and youtube to my TV from my PC and iPod Touch.
  • You can cast the contents of your Chrome browser (via the Chromecast plug-in).

What does not work well

  • You can’t play local file. There is a workaround as Chrome can play video files on your PC;however you can only play mp4 files.
  • Cast non-youtube/non-netflix video from Chrome sometimes lags.

What I am looking forward to

  • Chromecast for Plex. There have been some articles (e.g gigaom article) that we will soon be able to cast plex content. If this is true the issue with playing local content via Chromecast will be solved.

I must say that despite a few shortcomings I am thoroughly enjoying my Chromecast.


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