The Architect as the Innovator – a webinar review

IASA recently had a webinar entitled “The Architect as the innovator”. In my opinion it should have been entitled “The IT worker as the innovator”.

Here are some points I took from the webinar

  • Definition of innovation – think differently
  • Innovation is not only about technology
    • Processes innovation
    • Management innovation
    • Business modeling innovation.
  • Being risk averse is a hindrance to innovation
    • Innovative path – How much risk can we take and how can we manage it.

  • Challenges to innovation from an Architect (IT) perspective
    • We are more focus on projects and fighting fires
      • No time for strategic thinking
    • Architects work within rules/best practices
      • Best practices is what everyone is doing (innovation = think differently)
  • How to think differently
    • Strategic thinking
    • Creatively thinking
    • Reflective thinking
  • How can architects help in innovation (in my opinion how everyone can help)
    • Become a thought leader
    • Create a market place for ideas
    • Build collaborative partnerships
    • Build a plan/roadmap
    • Leverage other’s innovation
    • Think past technology
  • In the end innovation is about bringing value to your organization.


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