What I am reading


  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    I finally started reading Stieg Larsson’s crime novel. I must say I am thoroughly enjoying it. Great plot. Great characters (Lisbeth Salander is on my list of favorite female characters).


  • Dart up and Running

    Catching up on my podcasts I was introduced to the Dart Programming Language. I started to read this Kathy Walrath’s & Seth Ladd’s quick introduction to Dart.

    The book brought back memories of learning C++ and Java. I managed to write a simple app. I am intrigued by what other’s are doing with the language.

    My wish so far is for Dart support on Google App Engine.




What is next on my reading list?

  • World War Z

    The movie trailer has inspired me to read the book. I managed to read the first couple of chapters, and I must say that the movie looks to depart from the book.

  • Head First JavaScript or
    any good JavaScript book.

    I will finally sit down to re-learn java script. I had a brief stint with Java script in University and from the podcasts and blogs I think I need to catch up


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