Entering the world of IT infrastructure

My current project has immersed me into the world of IT infrastructure. Most of my IT career has focused on the software side of IT and this transition has been eye-opening. I have learnt about:

  • Storage Nodes
  • Storage Area Networks
  • VLANs
  • Availability patterns
    • Failover
    • Redundancy
  • Logical Partitions

I even got a chance to tour a data-centre.


To help me get up to speed on IT infrastructure I have been reading Sjaak Laan’s IT Infrastructure Architecture. This book does not in depth about IT infrastructure but gives you the foundation about IT infrastructure. The author presents an IT infrastructure model which shows the components of an IT infrastructure you should be aware of. The model also highlights cross-cutting concerns like availability and performance.

I have also been reading the blog High Scalability. High Scalability is a great blog on IT infrastructure from a scalability perspective. There are articles on architectures for Google, Amazon and other well known sites.

So far this transition has been interesting. It is always great to learn a different aspect of IT.


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