Where were you on the Amazon outage of June 29th 2012 ?


I was trying to connect to Netflix to watch an old TV series. My gut feeling was it was an outage of some sort. A search on Twitter confirmed my hunch.

A couple of observations from this outage:

1. Systems will fail. A four 9’s or five 9’s system will have an unexpected outage. This is just a fact of life. A failing network card or a power failure (via a storm)will emerge.

2. Do not rely on one service provider for your cloud infrastructure. Have another provider to be failover in case your primary provider fails. Cost is a big factor with such a design. A well executed cost base analysis will determine if a failover provider is necessary.

3. Twitter (from a user perspective) appears to be a validation platform for outages. I am sure these service providers have tools that monitor their systems; however as a user of Netflix Twitter confirmed my hunch that an outage was taking place.


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