IFC Certified


In April I received my IASA Foundation Certification (IFC)via IASA’s Architecture core course. This course was excellent. It was good level set for me as I pursue my IT architecture career.

The course taught, from IASA perspective, the foundations that every IT architect must have. The course also introduced to me another definition of IT Architecture – Technology strategies that provide value to the business. I did the course online and it was well executed. The presenter was knowledgeable of the subject and I learned architecture war stories from my classmates.

At the end of the course you had an exam which provided you an IFC designation, if you passed. I recommend this course to new and experienced IT architects. New architects will have a foundation to build their careers. Experienced architects can use it as a level set for their current careers.


5 thoughts on “IFC Certified

  1. Hi, I am considering taking the IASA Foundation Certification (IFC) exam online without doing the Architect Core course (there are no courses available in Australia or the online courses start at 4.30am!). In your opinion is it a difficult exam to pass through self study? I am TOGAF certified and working as an application architect so hoping there is nothing too alien in there. Thanks!

    • The online course does help plus you get access to other educational resources;however I think if you study the book of knowledge on your own you should be able to pass.

    • Hi Gavin,

      After several years of being a senior developer in different roles from lead Dev to lead designer, if feel I need to take the next step in becoming an IT architect. I’m not exactly sure how I break through in to that role other than getting certified, so I’ve purchased the ITABoK and busy studying to write the exam. I’m I going about it there right way?

      Thank you in advance

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