My non-cable TV stack


A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to cancel my cable services for the following reasons:

  • As an avid reader I was spending more time reading blogs and books (currently reading “Moonwalking with Einstein”)
  • As a new dad I was my time was diverted to play time.
  • As an IT professional I was in my ‘computer lab’ learning a new programming language or some new tool

With my time gravitating away from cable TV, I decide it was time to save some bucks and get rid of the cable. My non-cable TV stack consists of the following:

1. Terk Indoor HDTV Antenna

2. Netflix


Terk Indoor HDTV Antenna

With the HDTV Antenna I get about six stations over the air, with 5 being HD quality. Six channels will suffice when I do watch some TV. Set up was easy. You just connect the antenna cable to the tv, change the input from cable to antenna, and run a scan.

To obtain a Canadian antenna locator the Terk website provided the following steps


What can I write about Netflix that has not already been written? For CAD $7.99 you have access to a library of movies, documentaries and TV shows you can watch at any time. In addition to Netflix most of the Canadian stations allow you to watch, on demand, the latest television series.




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