My experience with Windows Developer Preview.


Like the over 500,000 I downloaded in installed Windows Developer preview. I will not get into the how to install and other tips, since there are numerous blogs that discuss these topics. I am going to highlight my experiences:

  1. I could not install Windows Developer Preview as a virtual machine. I tried to install it as a vm via virtualbox, but ran into installation issues. I had to install it natively.
  2. 32 bit version crashed very often. I had to switch to the 64 bit version. So far no issues with the 64 bit version.
  3. I was able to install some of my development tools like Netbeans and mercurial.
  4. Was it a rumor that the cmd window would eventually disappear in windows? I guess so as the cmd.exe file is there under the System32 folder.

So far I like what I see with the Windows Developer preview.


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