Being Pragmatic

During my long hiatus from blogging I spent most of my time reading two books from, what I call, the “Pragmatic” series:

  • Pragmatic Programmer
  • Pragmatic Thinking

The Pragmatic Programmer was a way to get back to my programming roots. I did see one tip that is applicable in my current IT architect role

Remember the Big Picture (Tip 6) – Don’t be narrow focused

I highly recommend the book not only to programmers but to IT architects as well.


As IT professionals we are constantly learning. Microsoft’s build windows conference has added to the list of things we need to learn. The Pragmatic Thinking book provides tools/tips that can aid us in learning. One take away from this book was:

Consider the context – This for me is a synonym for Tip 6 in Pragmatic Programmer. You have to always remember other systems that will be impacted by your decision

Again, I highly recommend this book. Non-IT professionals will also find this helpful.




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