Hardening the soft skills

I completed the Management Skills for IT Professional certificate at Fanshawe College. The objective was to improve my soft skills. The certificate consists of four mandatory courses and three elective courses. I must say this was a departure from learning the latest programming language and I highly recommended that IT professionals pursue non-technical courses from time to time.

The courses I took were:

   1.    Project Management– I was able to step into the boots of a project manager and see  what it takes to ensure a project is completed successfully.

   2.    Organizational Business Communication – I learnt the various communication methodologies in organizations.

  3.    Leadership in Organizations -I learnt the many aspects that a management position encompasses.

4.    Principles of Human Resources Management – I learnt the inner workings of the Human Resources department.

5.    Project Cost and Procurement – I learnt about Earned value management (EVM), Budgeted Cost of Work Performed, Cost Performance Index (CPI) and other factors that determines if a project is within budget and on schedule.

6.    Quality Assurance Program and Techniques – My favorite course of the program. I learnt quality assurance from a non-IT perspective; however these techniques can be applied to the IT field.

7.    Organization Behavior – I learnt how the individual, the organization and the work process all interact.

Two of the goals as stated in the Pragmatic Programmer are to read nontechnical books too and take classes. Why not take a nontechnical class as well?


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