My first Google sites wiki

As part of my Organization Behavior course I had to work with a group to write a paper. This was an online course and my group consisted of 4 individuals. Since this course was a purely online, the team had to work together virtually.

 One of the first challenges we met was how to share the document. It was suggested to use a wiki. I took the challenge and because of the tight deadline use the Google sites wiki.

I found the Google sites wiki very user friendly and very customizable. The on-line help was very descriptive of how to make your own changes to the wiki.

 I had only two issues with the wiki:

  • I did not observe the ability to execute a ‘diff’ on two versions of the same document. Hence you could not compare version 1 and version 2 of the document to the changes.
  • It appears you need a Google account to be a member of the wiki authorized to make changes. My fellow team members did not have Google accounts, so I had to create a Google account for the entire team.

 Overall I like to Google sites wiki. Hopefully the Google sites team can address the two issues.


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