Getting things done – The IT professional/geek edition

  • The December issue of Information week
  • Design Principles
  • Intel Parallel Studio evaluation CD
  • ”Core Java volume 1 fundamentals”;
  • ”Web Application Architecture Guide”
These are just a few of the stuff on my desk,and represents what I try to do as
it relates to growing my knowledge to information technology. I am sure I am not alone.
As IT professionals/geeks we are bound to keep our skills up the date else we find ourself in the Smithsonian. We keep our skills up to date by learning a new language or framework or working on projects outside our 9-5 job. I would see all this stuff
on my desk and wonder where to start. I realized that I needed a process/framework for getting things done as it relates to learning and keeping my skills update.
It was recently I was introduced to David’s Allen Getting Things Done, and I must say that I wished I had found it earlier. Before reading this book, I would say to myself that I wanted to learn a new programing language or a new framework;however after I read this book I learned that I needed to say what are the next actions/steps to take to learn that new programming language. recently posted an article about 50 books every geek should read.I was pleasantly surprise to see that Getting Things Done had made that list.I totally agree that this a book every geek should read and highly recommend it.
As you can see from the diagram, the Getting Things Done (GTD) process is a recursive one.
You process each of the the stuff you have collected in your “in-basket”.
For me it is all those IT related magazines,programming books,white papers,etc,etc.
GTD makes you ask yourself two questions
  1. What is this stuff in my in basket
  2. Is it actionable ?
The answer to the second question puts you on your path to productivity. Your answer can result in:
  • Stuff you do not need – hence you trash it or file it for some reference
  • The creation of a plan (to learn a new programming language)
  • The next actions you need to take( This could be buying that ruby book as part of your plan to learn ruby)
GTD does not have to apply to learning and keeping up your IT skills. It can be applied to your to your home and work life as well.
So to all you geeks/IT professionals, go and get things done!



One thought on “Getting things done – The IT professional/geek edition

  1. Damn I spend all my time outside my 9-5 doing and learning things not IT related. I knew I was only doing this career because it was easy.Good tip about that book, I'll check it out when I have a reading slot open up!

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