Mirroring Cato and Socrates


 Oratory skills, as I have discovered, is one of the many skills required by a Systems Architect. In my quest to mirror Cato or Socrates, I was introduced to local Toastmasters Club.

Toastmasters gives one the opportunity to improve one’s public speaking skills. One of my favorite portions of my weekly Toastmasters meeting is what is called ‘Table topics”. In “Table Topics”, you are given the opportunity to practice your “off the cuff” speaking skills. This I have observed is an excellent skill for a Systems Architect.

 I am on a Communication Competency track in my local Toastmasters club. When I complete 10 speeches, I will receive my Communication Competency certificate. Ironically my second speech was about blogging.

 I am now trying to figure out my next speech. Maybe something technical- Cloud Computing, SOA, etc; however because of my fellow Toastmasters are from a diverse background, my next speech may have to be less technical.



One thought on “Mirroring Cato and Socrates

  1. I have a historical fiction novel called Imperium, you might like it. It's about the life of Cicero and is fairly compelling.Also as to your speech ideas, your instincts are right, always Know Your Audience. Any technical speech being written for the audience of Toastmasters you will want to make very accessible or you'll simply steamroll the evaluator with jargon and lose the value in the process!

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