I do not have a smart phone

Although being a self-proclaimed geek/techie, one item I do not have in my geek/techie arsenal is a smart phone. That is right, I do not have an iPhone, a Palm Pre or any of the Blackberry variants. What I do have is my old trusty Compaq Ipaq Pocket PC (m0del 3850). Although is does not bring me closer to pervasive computing, it does serve its purpose.

My Ipaq holds my contact information, my appointments and my tasks. When it comes to my appointments, an alarm reminds me of an upcoming meeting 15 minutes before the the meeting starts. I can be reminded of when tasks need to bee completed

I usually find applications http://www.downloads.com/. If I do want to browse the web, I can insert a wireless card in the Pocket PC’s expansion slot. The battery lasts me up to one week.

Overall, I have no complaint about my Pocket PC. I am in no hurry to get a smart phone. I will just observe and see which smart phone reign supreme.


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