Self-Tuned Remote Execution for Pervasive Computing

When I was doing my Master of Science degree at the University of Western Ontario, one of my presentations I did was called Self-Tuned Remote Execution for Pervasive Computing. This presentation was based on a paper,of the same name, written by Jason Flinn,Dushyanth Narayanan, and M.Satyanarayanan.

In this paper the discussion about pervasive computing concentrated on mobile devices “off-loading” execution of resource-intensive processes onto a remote server. The mobile devices would discover execution servers over a wireless network.

In addition, the paper introduced us to Spectra. Spectra would self-tune the mobile device. Specifically determine how much resources will be required to execute an application on the mobile device. For example, it could determine how much battery power to execute such application. It would be interesting to see if these new smart phones optimize the usage of resources. My subsequent blogs will discuss what I have researched.

Here is the presentation I did:

View more presentations from kmcgregr.

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