In my first blog post, I had said that I was in the process of creating my own website. As I said my charter, scope and WBS have been created. However, nothing has transpired. I started my blog and this is my latest post in weeks. As a result the thought came to me, how do IT professionals find the time to upgrade their skills.

The IT industry constantly changes, new programming languages, new platforms, and new paradigms emerge at a rapid rate. To ensure you are not a dinosaur in the IT industry you have to keep up; however most IT professionals have a life outside IT. They have other responsibilities:wives,children,house,etc. Even at work one is confined to the projects and deadlines.

I myself try to fine the time to learn. I listen to IT podcasts when I exercise, doing stuff around the house. When it comes to hand on learning I usually have a laptop with me listening to the TV.

It would be interesting to hear feedback from other IT professionals as to how they find that balance.


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