Take a break

Recently, I have been having some pain in my right hand (the mouse hand). Subsequently I went for my first massage therapy, and was informed that I should take a break from my keyboard during the course of my work hours.

As IT Professionals, specifically programmers, we usually find ourselves banging away at the keyboard to produce code. As we are engulfed in thought, we sometime forget to take a break.

It can be hard since we do not want to lose our train of thought. However, it is recommended that we do take a break. Get out of your chair and take a stretch.

To retain your train of thought, add enough documentation in your code to keep track of your coding process. Even make some notes in a notebook.


Do not wait until carpel tunnel sets emerges. Speaking of carpel tunnel syndrome, I am logging off.



2 thoughts on “Take a break

  1. That sucks!You should check out the Kinesis Advantage keyboard (I've got one in my cube). I find that (after a very steep learning curve) I can type faster and longer than before.Of course, Dragon Naturally Speaking helps too….Robert McCarter

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