Hello World!

This is my first venture into the blogosphere. Most programmers will be familiar with my title. This usually the first output when you learn a new programming language.

This blog will act as an anchor for my real venture of creating my own website. I am totally using open source tools and technologies for my website. More later

I am doing a project management course, and that course has truly open my eyes. For the past 10 years, I have been a techy. Nothing but learning the latest programming language and cool tools. Getting work packages from work and implementing them .However this project management course has showed me a new side to the IT field. Project charter, project scope, Work Breakdown Structure(WBS), and Network diagrams. The are some of the tools in Project Management that help you ensure that your project will be successful. As a result I am using my newly developed skill to build my website. I have created a charter, a scope, and a WBS. This has help me with my planning. Now own to execution!!!! You may be wondering about the kdmcgreg in the url http://kdmcgreg.blogspot.com/. Well, kdmcgreg made up my first email address. That was 10 years ago when I started my Computer Science degree.


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